Boy, Who Are You?


Born 'n' baptized in Austin, TX and raised with one foot in ATX and the other in the verdant pastures of German-Texan towns, his life has been an artist's pilgrimage.

His mother provided him and his sister Melody a childhood filled with a wealth of art and spirituality. She raised them with painting, drawing, wordplay, Texan wit, gardening, and she taught them to live a meditative and self-reflective lifestyle. His father was supportive of his pursuits and encouraged him to be thoughtful about what he does in his work. These became central his creative processes early on and they remain so in his professional career.

Providence provided him many a friend, neighbor, and educator to nurture his creative talents and spirituality. In his childhood, he found companions to create alongside with and to challenge him--starting with comics and moving up to concept artwork for video games. While in college, he studied oil painting, acrylic painting, pastel, Adobe software, and illustration. While he was busy learning new media, he founded the Catholic Art Group and entered the Schoenstatt Movement. He continues to be active in the Schoenstatt Movement of Austin and has traveled the world with his Schoenstatt family.

He graduated from Austin Community College in Visual Communication where he studied graphic design and illustration. He also attended the illustrious Illustration Academy and learned how to screen print at ASPCO. His work is featured in publications such as Likable Art's Created, Austin-based zine Almost Real Things' Issue 9, Catholic Creatives' Creation of the Week, and you can see his most recent work on his instagram.

He has passionately cultivated his visual styles, developed skills in visual media, expanded his creative and faith based networks, and adopted a simple, biblical understanding of our world: that this world as a desert that is both a physical and spiritual landscape. In this land, we face new opportunities to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of the people we are entrusted every single day. Naturally, everything he does is contemplated through this question:

How can we make this world a better place for our bodies and for our souls?