About the Artist

I define our world we all live in as a desert that is both a physical and spiritual landscape. Most of us don’t live in a literal desert, but all of us live in the spiritual one. We all experience this spiritual desert day-to-day as a consequence of our personal experiences and decisions and things beyond our power affecting us. Each day, we face new opportunities to make a difference in our own lives and in the world. What better way to live than to make the world a better place for our bodies and our souls?

This desert is my lifelong challenge to become a great person alongside each of you. It is my home, it is a place I grow and I die to new life, and it is where I find my unique purpose in the watchful care of a Master Artist. It is also our place that we share. The artwork that I make comes from my own daily experiences of living and dying in a world that is both able to be grasped and is beyond our grasping. This world is where we discover who we are in our uniquenesses, our individual and collective purposes, and our relationship with Our Master Artist. What are the experiences of the desert of your soul?

Born and raised an Austinite, Austin is more than just my home. It is my source of life. I am a mostly self-taught artist, beginning with sketching and drawing Star Wars space battles, monsters, and my own comic strip featuring a Garfield-like fish, which lead me to sell some of my work at local farmers markets. I went to Austin Community College right after high school where I took some art classes to learn basics of oil painting, figure studies, and life drawing. I stopped making art for two years during college to discover my unique purpose in the world: to be or not to be an artist. I discovered at at the end of these two years that I will always be an artist. The catalysts for this discovery were two simultaneously occurring, life altering events, which illuminated for me my purpose: I am an artist.

What I came to realize since then is that my purpose is to connect the minds, hearts, and souls of each of us with one each other. Over time, and with much patience, I developed my own style of art to accomplish this. I am currently developing my work to be exhibited across town and through the American southwest.