About the Artwork

The material and the immaterial, the visible and the invisible, fill the arid and vast universe we live in and are the basis for my artwork. Everything about the desert have become the points of my inspiration for communicating what I sense we desire in the depths of our hungers and thirsts: home, transformation, and meaning. The symbols, colors, patterns, and textures I use tap into the collective and individual experiences of the desert we have with our bodies and in our souls.

I create work that reflects the essence of our human experiences. The visualizations made from these experiences are done out of my own vulnerability for the purpose of awakening our minds, hearts, and souls to what is home, what transformation means, and what meaning exists for you, for me, and for us.

My work is also one of community and empathy. Each piece I create is a doorway for each person to enter into, experience, and interpret their own personal desert. Our collective discoveries are the connections that bridge us to one another as we journey through this desert. When we can see our own humanity in others, we can truly begin to build each other up, thus bringing about a new way to live in community.